What are the requirements for admission to InterFuture?

Academic acheivement is an important, but not the sole, determinant. Strong motivation, good analytical skills, and the poise to adjust quickly to unfamiliar situations are qualities most InterFuture participants have in common. InterFuture attaches great importance to racial, ethnic, and gender diversity. It is our conviction and our experience that students from diverse backgrounds and different nationalities expand the minds and test the preconceptions of their fellow participants. InterFuture also welcomes physically challenged and learning disabled participants and urges them to apply.

Please note InterFuture does not expect, indeed actively discourages, the selection by students of a precise research topic when submitting applications. Applicants may have a general research project idea in mind, but experience has repeatedly demonstrated the wisdom of letting the specific focus evolve via the preparatory phase, after admission into the program.

Admissions Calendar

April 1st

  • Apply to the program

April 15th

  • Application Decision

April 30th

  • Student notifies Program of Enrollment Decision ($150 deposit)


InterFuture Scholarships & Financial Aid Options

InterFuture offers scholarships to qualified student applicants. To be considered for a scholarship, students must submit an admissions application by April 1.

Program Affordability

InterFuture program costs generally amount to less than a semester's tuition. We plan carefully with students' best interests in mind, and we offer support to help defray out-of-pocket program expenses. Our goal is to partner with academic institutions to offer exceptional students a truly unique learning experience that is affordable.

InterFuture Campus Parternships

When a student's academic institution partners with InterFuture to offer direct academic credit hour equivalence for InterFuture work, that student usually remains eligible for institutional financial aid, as well as federal grants, federally insured student loans, and other forms of financial aid. InterFuture's Student & Regional Campus Coordinators are available to work with key professors or administrators to be sure that any student's InterFuture work meets crucial learning objectives and outcomes. For more information please contact us.

Third Party Scholarship Assistance

InterFuture applicants and accepted students may choose to work with our dedicated Scholarship Counselor to identify third party scholarship opportunities. This assistance is offered at no cost to the student.

Sources of Financial Aid

Because their home institutions usually grant InterFuture Scholars academic credit for participation, students remain registered at their home campus throughout their InterFuture experience. As a result, InterFuture Scholars normally remain eligible for all of the external grants and loans for which they are eligible during on-campus study. Cooperating institutions generally permit their students to apply their tuition funds toward the InterFuture participation fee, or provide supplemental scholarships.

Cost, scholarships, and payment schedule information for the InterFuture program

Beyond the tuition and fees issues discussed above regarding whether the participating InterFuture student chooses to receive credit from and/or to register on her/his home campus, the cost of the InterFuture program depends largely on whether the student carries out a protect in one locale or two, and where in the world the project is sited. On average, a one-locale study costs, including non-program expenses (noted below), in the range of $12,000-$13,000, and a two-locale study, again including non-program expenses, runs about $20,000-$21,000.

Term Program


One locale, Spring, Summer, or Fall, plus four conferences and research colloquium.

Cost Breakdown

  • Conference fees: $1,575 (paid by student to cover room, board, and facilities costs at 4 InterFuture training conferences)
  • Tuition: $9,585 (includes transport to locale)
  • Room & board $3,000 (on locale)

Full Program


Two locales, Spring and Summer or Fall, plus four conferences and research colloquium.

Cost Breakdown

  • Conference fees: $1,575 (paid by student to cover room, board, and facilities costs at 4 InterFuture training conferences)
  • First locale tuition: $6,085 (includes transport to locale)
  • Room & board: $3,000 (first locale)
  • Second locale tuition: $6,085 (includes transportation to locale; no additional conference fees)
  • Room and board: $3,000 (second locale)

Covered in program fees:

  • Room, board, and advising at U.S. conferences
  • Round-trip air transportation between U.S. and the country or countries under study
  • Lodging and two meals daily while engaged in overseas locale research
  • InterFuture academic and administrative services in the U.S. and overseas

Not covered in program fees:

  • Transportation to and from the U.S. preparatory conferences
  • Transportation to and from U.S. departure city at the time of departure and return from overseas
  • Pocket money (estimated at $1,200 in Europe, $900 in non-European countries) for personal expenses (such as, transportation, lunches, cultural events, laundry, entertainment, books, supplies and incidentals)


As a general rule, InterFuture holds to announced dollar fees, absorbing the cost of currency fluctuations. However, all fees are subject to change or surcharge in the event costs rise by 15 percent or more in any one year.

InterFuture furnishes information on available student discounts overseas and issues each participant an International Student Identity Card which carries basic hospitalization and insurance coverage. InterFuture reserves the right to dismiss a participant from the program at any time, for any reason it deems appropriate. All refunds are processed at InterFuture’s sole discretion. Please contact InterFuture for further information on insurance coverage or program costs.


Use the following checklist to make sure you are ready to apply:

Application Requirements

  • Fill out application
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts

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