• What is InterFuture?

    InterFuture is a unique, non-traditional, academic study abroad program for outstanding undergraduate students. We prepare and support undergraduates to perform graduate-level cross-cultural research, conduct independent field research in locales around the world, analyze and compose findings into written form, and deliver effective public presentations. InterFuture is an independent academic non-profit organization that makes possible one of the most exciting and challenging alternatives in intercultural education today.

    For more about InterFuture, see our Mission & History.
  • Am I Eligible for InterFuture?

    InterFuture is open to exceptional undergraduate students from universities and colleges across the United States. We welcome students from all academic majors.

    The preparation timeline makes the program optimal for sophomores and freshmen.

    InterFuture attaches great importance to recruiting and supporting undergraduates from all backgrounds. We seek InterFuture Scholars that reflect the full spectrum of racial, ethnic, gender, age, sexual, income and ability diversities. InterFuture also welcomes applications from participants that are physically challenged and learning disabled.

    For more information about program eligibility, visit the Admissions page.
  • Why Should I Choose InterFuture?

    InterFuture Scholars engage in individualized scholarship that exceeds the challenges of traditional study abroad programs. Throughout this process, InterFuture Scholars develop their understanding of and engagement in global, cross-cultural circulations of people and ideas. InterFuture Scholars are uniquely qualified for employment and further graduate study.

    To read more about InterFuture’s personal and professional impact, see our Alumni Stories.

  • What and Where Will I Study?

    Each year, new classes of InterFuture Scholars develop individual research projects in a variety of disciplines based on their personal and academic interests. Scholars conduct their studies independently in the U.S. as well as one or two of our twenty international locales. Scholars choose their locales as appropriate to their personal interests and project design.

    Recent InterFuture Scholar projects and locales include:

    • “Voter Turnout: An Examination of the Cultural Factors that Influence Voter Turnout of College Students in Presidential Elections in San Jose, Costa Rica and Boston, the United States” (Costa Rica and the U.S.)
    • “The Telling of a Trickster Tale: A Cross-Cultural Study of Interpretative Storytellers’ Folktale Presentations in Senegal and the United States” (Senegal and the U.S.)
    • “Language Speaking Identity: Cultural Attitudes and Political Strategies in Asserting Identity through Native Language Use among the Navajo of the United States, the Basques of Spain, and the Zulu of South Africa” (Spain, South Africa, and the U.S.)
    • “What is the Role of Advocacy Groups in Defining the Legal Rights of Non-Citizen Immigrants in the United States and South Korea?” (South Korea and the U.S.)
  • What Will I Do As an InterFuture Scholar?

    InterFuture Scholars begin their work by attending 3 preparatory conferences to design research projects around a self-chosen intercultural research topic. Scholars work with the organization’s trained staff to create an extensive documented Project Plan, acquire skills to responsibly explore communities and conduct a pilot study to refine chosen research methods. Additional preparatory work occurs via project-related coursework through the home institution, as well as independent research, during the summer before and first semester of the junior year.

    Based on the quality of the preparatory work, scholars travel to either one or two international locale(s) during the second half of junior year, the summer before senior year and/or the first half of senior year. While on locale, Scholars work with InterFuture’s National Coordinators and local Project Advisors pursue professional contacts and build relationships with the local community. Scholar conduct interviews, administer surveys, and engage in participant observation, while continuing independent documentary research. Scholars participate in a fourth European conference after their first locale.

    Upon returning to the United States, Scholars complete their InterFuture projects while finishing their remaining credits at their home institution. In the last one to two semesters of college or university, Scholars conduct project research in the U.S., compose a written cross-locale comparison, and share those findings with at least 5 local groups, including a presentation at InterFuture’s Research Colloquium.

    To read more about our Program of Study, click here.
  • Where Will I Stay While I’m Abroad?

    InterFuture Scholars live in homestays with host families during their time abroad. InterFuture has cultivated over 40 years of relationships with our Country Coordinators – academics and public and private sector workers in each of our 20 locales. Through these valued relationships, we work to place our scholars in homestays that are appropriate for the individual scholar and project being conducted.

  • Will I Graduate On Time?

    While each Scholar’s educational plans are different, InterFuture typically fits into a four year undergraduate structure. Scholars work closely with their Campus Coordinator to arrange a timeline in accordance with the scholars’ college or university requirements.

    Contact your closest Campus Coordinator here.

  • Will I Receive Course Credit?

    Scholars participating in InterFuture may receive credit for the semester(s) they are abroad in one of two ways. InterFuture’s Campus and Regional Coordinators may arrange for credits with the scholar’s home institution (arrangements for credit-granting may pre-exist with the institution or may be worked out in a timely fashion). Alternately, the scholar can opt to receive credit through InterFuture’s academic base, Charles University.

  • How Much Does InterFuture Cost?

    As a non-profit organization, InterFuture is committed to keeping our program as affordable as possible. Tuition and fees generally cost less than a semester’s tuition at the scholar’s home institution. Included in the tuition and fees are round-trip airfare between the U.S. and overseas locale(s); room, board and advising at 4 research conferences; lodging and 2 daily meals while overseas; and academic administrative services.

    See our Finances page for current costs.

  • Is Financial Aid Available?

    Yes. Scholars typically remain eligible for all financial aid, grants and scholarships available through their home institution. InterFuture currently offers a limited number of Incentive Scholarships, equal to the cost of InterFuture’s tuition. Additionally, InterFuture has a dedicated Scholarship Counselor to help scholars identify and apply for individual scholarships from independent providers.

    See our Finances page for more information.

  • How Do I Apply?

    Applicants submit a completed application form, three letters of reference and transcripts by April 1st. Application forms can be found here.

  • Where Can I Find More Information?

If you cannot find an answer to your question or need additional support, please contact us.