InterFuture Scholars typically travel abroad during the second semester of their junior year. During an eight-month preparatory period, students design a cross-cultural research project and attend three InterFuture conferences.

Participants conduct their research abroad, in both a European and a non-European nation, if possible. Overseas for three to seven months, InterFuture Scholars become immersed in the host culture, studying with a local expert and living with local families. Upon returning home, Scholars prepare a final research paper documenting their cross-cultural research and share their findings through classes, workshops, exhibitions, and action projects. The research papers prepared by InterFuture Scholars are submitted to their home institution for appropriate academic credit, usually equivalent to that which would have been earned at the home campus during semester(s) they were abroad.


Conference Cycle

Candidates normally apply for the InterFuture Academic Year Option early in the spring semester of their sophomore year.

Applications are due in the InterFuture campus relations office in Boston, MA before April 1.