InterFuture, a not-for-profit organization, offers a unique summer certificate program annually to a small group of qualified undergraduates. Before spending a summer conducting research in an overseas locale, InterFuture students receive rigorous training through three preparatory conferences over the school year. Through these conferences, students create a research project on a topic of their choice and develop both research and cultural immersion skills. Students receive a certificate upon completion of a fourth conference satisfactory submission of a comparative project, usually in written form, and fulfillment of InterFuture’s requirement for the sharing of research project results.

The InterFuture program works in tandem with most universities’ undergraduate requirements, supporting outstanding thesis or capstone projects. Students may travel to an overseas locale during the summer months, allowing most students to graduate on time, while having a meaningful experience overseas.


Conference Cycle

Candidates, generally freshmen or sophomores, should email their applications, three letters of recommendation, and transcripts to info@ by May 15. InterFuture will notify candidates of a decision by late June.