Community Exploration

A friend of mine – Jack – sent me and a few others this article the other day via Facebook – he and I are good friends, but still it came out of the blue. The epigraph of his post read: “Great commentary on life and lifestyle. Thought you discerning minds would enjoy.” He and […]

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IF Alumni Reception

The numbers are in and the IF Alumni Reception was a success! We earned over $600, and some attendees got to walk away with some great prizes. Thank you to everyone who helped out and attended. We can’t wait for the next one!

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Tickets! IF Alumni Reception: Fundraising Kick-Off Event!


What: IF Alumni Reception – Food, Drinks, Silent Auction and much more! How:  Buy Tickets Here! Who: IF Alumni, Family & Friends Where: Walker Center When: After the Annual Meetings – Saturday, January 23 at 7:30pm

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Alumni Story: Juanita Smith

InterFuture Class of 2007

Research Project: Getting Underground: An Exploration of Independent Filmmakers and Their Films

You are where I was just a few years ago. Rocking your college classes, flirting with all the cuties and regularly hitting up Au Bon Pain for the best danishes. Life is good – on fleek if you will, but you still haven’t gotten your epic-ness to go global. And then InterFuture sends you a […]

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Alumni Story: Felicia Homan

InterFuture Class of 2010

Research Project: Fashion Dictators or Style Promoters: The Relationship between Fashion Magazines and Consumer Behavior in Costa Rica and the United States

When I landed in Costa Rica it was so dark I could barely make out the difference between the U.S. city I had left and the Central American city I would soon call home. I awoke the next morning in my host family’s house to the smell of coffee and five family members waiting to […]

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